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Dr.Art+Design creates the award winning Le Sutra - The worlds first Indian Art Hotel.

Client - Le Sutra - Le Sutra Reception

The Le Sutra reception is based and intricately designed around the concept of ‘Kundalini’.

‘Kundalini’ or ‘Kundalini Shakti’ is a potential power or cosmic energy that lies dormant at the base of our spine (root chakra). The Kundalini Shakti is the feminine principle and it rises through the body to meet the male principle that lies at the back of the head.

The power of this energy helps the individual to rise through all the seven Chakras and the three Gunas, to eventually reach the top most chakra – ‘Sahasra Chakra.’

Art installations in the room

Kundalini Lamp:

The depiction of Snake Art and the Kundalini Lamp, at the reception, is the representation of the Kundalini energy that surrounds the chakras along our spine from the base till the top, just like a snake that coils around a branch.

The Soul Cage Lamp:

According to Hindu philosophy the soul of a human being is covered with five sheath or five other bodies which are called ‘Koshas.’

The human being has to shed the first four sheaths to reach the inner most ‘Anandamaya Kosha’ or ‘Moksha’ (liberation from birth cycle). The process is not easy as one has to let go of the functions of the body, pleasure of the senses, the manipulation of the mind and questions of philosophy to reach the seat of the soul.

The ‘locks and keys’ on the Soul Cage lamp represent the various stages of this process. This artistic lamp thus represents the process of liberation of the soul or the journey of the soul towards ‘Moksha’.

Trinity of Gods:

The installation symbolizes the holy Trinity of Gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

The Six eyes stands for the three headed Brahma as ‘the creator of the universe’.

The Bansuri (flute) stands for Lord Vishnu as ‘the preserver of the universe’. Lastly the ‘Tilak’ represents Lord Shiva as ‘the destroyer of the world’. It also represents fire, water, wind and earth, thus signifying the cycle of life and the elements of the universe.

Four Dials at the Reception:

The four Dials depict all the four stories of the hotel signifying the ascension of a human being.

The first Dial stands for the Reception level of the hotel showcasing coiled snakes that represent the ‘Kundalini Shakti’ that surrounds the seven chakras along the human spine. The other three Dials represent the three Gunas - Tamas, Rajas and Sattva.

The second Dial stands for the Tamasic level of the hotel; it is the graphic form of the female reproductive system symbolizing the Tamas Guna.

The third Dial stands for the Rajasic level, it depicts an arrow and a cloud burst signifying action, passion, movements and changes which symbolize the Rajas Guna.

The fourth Dial stands for the Sattvic level of the hotel, representing a three dimensional version of a Yantra, an object aiding meditation in tantric worship, forming the part of the Sattva Guna. The Dials thus reveal its philosophy by encapsulating all the elements of the hotels.

The Lift:

The lift is based on the ‘Chakras’.
The word ‘Chakra’ means a wheel or vortex. The ‘Chakras’ are energy centers that lie at the vertical axis of the subtle body which co-relates to the spinal cord of the physical body. In an ordinary man the chakras are small circles and the colour is very dull. In an awakened man they are seen as blazing whirlpools of colour and energy.


Living with Art... we admire the detail and determination with which the design concept has been executed... this project is not a pretentious bid to be different - but shows a commitment to the cause of promoting Indian art and culture. ...
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We are grateful to have Indian and international icons who have associated with us, admired our work. – Bazz Luhrmann, Godrej, TATA, Amir Khan, A.R.Rahman...


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The IHEA (Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards), the best from the Indias Hospitality and Travel industry felicitated Le Sutra and was declared Indias Most Unique Hotel. The award celebrated excellence and recognized the spirit of innovation. ...


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