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Dr.Art+Design creates the award winning Le Sutra - The worlds first Indian Art Hotel.

Client - Le Sutra - Maya (Delusion)

‘Maya’, the word origins from Sanskrit roots ‘ma’ meaning ‘not’ and ‘ya’ translated as an indicative article meaning ‘that’, hence it means ‘that which is not’. This is usually quoted as ‘illusion’ centered on the fact that we do not experience the environment itself but rather a projection of it, created by us! The Maya room illustrates the Elements of Delusion – ‘What we take so seriously may just be an illusion!’

Art installations in the room

Ek Se Anek Artwork (Unity to fragmentation):

The artwork is our interpretation of how supreme consciousness is broken up into various elements that facilitated in the formation of diverse cells, species, and planets amongst other things. The varied shapes and sizes denote the different levels of consciousness. It aspires to articulate the journey of the supreme consciousness from ‘unity’ or ‘one’ to ‘fragmentation’ or ‘many’ and back.

Elements of Maya Grid:

Maya or ‘delusion’ manifests in several ways such as developing false notions of self, represented within the grid by means of a camera and movie reel, depicting life is much like a movie and the lives we lead are similar to that of characters within the movie. Just as we are aware that the movie is far from the real world we live in, similarly our true lives are meant to be far from the world that we are currently living in and our current analysis of our existence and truth. The other pieces within the grid explain that society, societal bonds, justice hold true or otherwise solely based on our perception of these factors. Therefore as our perception changes, so do these factors and their significance within our lives.

The Painting:

The painting shows how across time the human mind on opening of the eyes desires wealth, love, dreams and always hopes for more once one desire is satisfied!

Outside Niche - Sword Matchstick:

It is believed that all our progress, our vanities, our reforms, our luxuries, our wealth, our knowledge, has that one end – ‘death’. Cities come and go, empires rise and fall, planets break into pieces and crumble to dust, saints and sinners die. All of us meet the same end and yet there exists, a vain and tenacious clinging on to life. This clinging we realize to be meaningless and yet we fail to let go. All this is signified through a burnt sword representing pride, power and ego meeting a similar ultimate end.

Outside Niche - Chess with Hands:

The Hands controlling the various characters within the chessboard is representation of the ‘Divine’ as the grand master of illusion. Similarly, all the characters on the chessboard are souls in the world, continuously striving to find a way out of ‘maya’ or ‘illusion’ by treading on many different paths of life with an ultimate objective of attaining ‘moksha’ or ‘freedom’. This art installation also signifies how each one of us are puppets in the hands of destiny.


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We are grateful to have Indian and international icons who have associated with us, admired our work. – Bazz Luhrmann, Godrej, TATA, Amir Khan, A.R.Rahman...


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The IHEA (Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards), the best from the Indias Hospitality and Travel industry felicitated Le Sutra and was declared Indias Most Unique Hotel. The award celebrated excellence and recognized the spirit of innovation. ...


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