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Dr.Art+Design creates the award winning Le Sutra - The worlds first Indian Art Hotel.

Client - Le Sutra - Shringar (Adornment)

‘Shringar’ is the art of adornment, romance, culture, beauty and enjoyment. It is a popular fact that women, through adornment and beautification attract men. But what is more interesting, is that it is said with Shringar a woman acts like a magnetic force and draws a man’s aura. Fascinatingly, this becomes a method of increasing her aura and ultimately leading to boosting her ‘shakti’ (strength).

Shringar is the delicate unison of beauty and grace. Queens and princesses spent a lot of their time in ‘solah shringar.’ The term Shringar also represents female magnificence, good luck, prosperity and fertility; the room thus inspires all this.

Art installations in the room

The Mirror installation:

The mirror installation in the bathroom represents many different facets and perceptions of a woman. Most importantly, the mirrors symbolize self-love, an important aspect of Shringar.


TThe ‘Bindi’ is the vermillion mark on a woman’s forehead. It is the symbol of a married woman and is said that it keeps away bad omen. It highlights the Ajna chakra (6th chakra), also known as the third eye.

Nathni Lamp:

The ‘Nathni’ or the Nose ring is mentioned in the vedic scripts to be the most seductive of all the ornaments worn for Shringar. The nose is said to be closely related to the sexual organs and hence a woman wore a nose ring to signify it.


The painting showcases the different moods of a woman. It portrays the idea of self-love. Self beautification adds to the aura which is the energy that women use to become powerful and significant in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Peacock chair:

The peacock is the symbol of beauty, knowledge and grace; the Peacock’s feather is showcased in the form of an eye representing knowledge and an attractive woman has all the three qualities - beauty, knowledge and grace.


For a inimitable holistic hotel experience that nurtures your mind and body, check into Le Sutra ...
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We are grateful to have Indian and international icons who have associated with us, admired our work. – Bazz Luhrmann, Godrej, TATA, Amir Khan, A.R.Rahman...


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The IHEA (Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards), the best from the Indias Hospitality and Travel industry felicitated Le Sutra and was declared Indias Most Unique Hotel. The award celebrated excellence and recognized the spirit of innovation. ...


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