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Dr.Art+Design creates the award winning Le Sutra - The worlds first Indian Art Hotel.

Client - Le Sutra - Vaasna (Sensuality)

‘Vaasna’ room depicts sensuality and the tantric principle of unison of male & female energies for attaining higher consciousness.

‘Vaasna’ means ‘Sensuality’ in Sanskrit. The theory closest to the truth contends that, all creation is the balance of opposites; light and dark, positive and negative, dynamic and kinetic. All these opposites can be best typified as male and female. It is the principle of duality which presides over all these energies. It is a state of pure awareness and awakening of the conciseness from ignorance, confusion and self. It is a fusion of ‘I’ and ‘You’ into ‘We’ and ultimately ‘We’ is transformed into ‘One’. The room is designed keeping all this in mind and is personified through art.

Art installations in the room

Fresco on ceiling:

All matter consists of male and female energies and the union of these energies: ‘Purusha and Prakriti’ or ‘Shiva and Shakti’, one does not differ from another. The union of man and woman in the sexual act is one of the ways in which this reality exhibits itself. This union is a tool to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Yoni (Sex to Salvation) Lamp:

‘Yoni lamp’, featured in this room, is the artistic rendering of ‘sex to salvation’. It describes how male and female energies when combined cohesively complete the circle of energy.

It is one of our masterpieces that explain sex to salvation. A male sits on top of the visual combination of the male and female energy form to meditate. Above him are several women, considered to be forms of shakti or feminine energy who uplift him to higher levels of existence. Thus by using sex and a combination of the male-female energy, both partners can rise to higher levels of consciousness.

Khajuraho Miniatures:

The decoration of religious structures with sexual motifs as seen with the Khajuraho miniatures has been a constant factor in the development of Indian art and architecture. These figures were traditionally used to depict celebration of multiplicity and revitalization of life and greatly emphasize the significance of sexual conjugation as a means of attaining ‘moksha’ or ‘salvation’, using the sensual as a path to the spiritual.


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The IHEA (Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards), the best from the Indias Hospitality and Travel industry felicitated Le Sutra and was declared Indias Most Unique Hotel. The award celebrated excellence and recognized the spirit of innovation. ...


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